What is abgx360 Reloaded?

abgx360 Reloaded is a hard fork of the latest public version of the original source code created by the venerable Seacrest.

Our intention is not to be a replacement of the current abgx360, nor is we in any way linked to the original author.

The objective of this project is to conduct a job together with you estimated reader to decide the future direction; new features, bugfixes, compatibility with new systems, integration with current databases such as that of the Great Member of the Scene Hadzz. Anyway, feel free to contribute your thoughts in the Github Discussion Forum or in our Discord.

Finally, but not least, if this project is of your liking and wants to collaborate, but you still do not know how, a good idea can be to add a star to our repository in Github, it is a great sample of support that drives us to continue working this project!




Launch to the public of this project!

Some things on the list to do:

  • Release an official version with some improvements as HTTPS support and integration with the Hadzz database
  • Create a FAQs page